A Brief History of the Church in Cedartown


Since there is no written record of the early church, we have tried to construct it from the memory of various members of the church who were a part of  those early beginnings of the church here.

The first efforts to establish the church were in the early 1930’s, which apparently failed to materialize. In the late 1930’s meetings were held in a beauty shop on Main Street. Some early members were Bro. & Sis. Herman Witt, Sis. Law,  Bro. &  Sis. Harrison Ford, Bro. & Sis. Calder Smith, Sis. H. A. “Granny” Roberts and Bro. & Sis. Henry Alexander. Later the church met in the homes of the members for a time. The building on Ellawood Avenue was built about 1940.

The church began to meet in an old two-story dwelling on a hill on East Avenue .The property was purchased in 1958. After meeting separately for several years, the congregation has since been known as the Cedartown church of Christ.

The present building was completed in 1964. Most agree that the dedication service had Bro. W. Gaddis Roy as guest speaker. The preacher’s house was completed about January 1968. The sign and message board on the hill was erected in 1972. It has become a kind of “landmark” in the community.

In the early days, preachers from surrounding areas preached for the church. Exact dates are uncertain, but the following is a list of some who preached here as remembered by members:

Grady Slatton, John T. Smithson, Eugene Pitts, A Bro. Baker, Cecil Richardson, Duane Cook, Walter Byers, Calvin Van Hooser, Bob Gray, Wesley Barton, C. T. Kidwell, Lonnie Polk, James E. Laird, Clark Sosbee, Johnny Payne, Johnny Mackey, Johnny Mackey’s Father, Joe Sisson, Howard Carter, A Bro. Waters, Ralph Henley, A Bro. Rogers, Ben McGukin (1964-1965), Jerry Noblin (1966-1967), Clifford Smith (1967-1974), Douglas Sims (1974-1989), Richard Gibbs (1990 -1995), Jim Gillespie (1996 -1999)  James Nelson ( 1999 – 2009,  Edward Lee (2010 – present)

The church is known in the community for its evangelist efforts through radio programs, newspaper articles, gospel meetings, Ladies Day, and area wide singing events. Most recently we began mailing out nearly 2000 copies of House to House, Heart to Heart within the community. We have recently, through the newspaper, sent out a flyer offering free,  a number of subjects on DVD and various correspondence courses (see separate item for a listing of these items which are still available.